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Dec 30, 2010


On December 30th, 2010 a total of five municipalities submitted their project proposals for the development of water infrastructure under procedure BG161PO005/10/1.11/02/16 "Improvement and Development of Water and Wastewater infrastructure in Agglomerations with over 10 000 PE". These municipalities include Triavna, Sofia Municipality, Tervel, Kozloduy and Knezha. Their proposals will be examined and assessed by an expert working group created for this purpose by the end of March 2011. Once a positive assessment has been given, the grant contracts will be signed.

Municipalities which did not manage to prepare and submit their project proposals for evaluation in 2010 may do so by the 20th day to the end of every calendar month in 2011. The deadline for the submission of project proposals for the improvement and development of water and wastewater infrastructure in agglomerations with over 10 000 PE is 20 February 2012.
The procedure was announced at the end of June 2010 and it envisages BGN 600 million for construction, rehabilitation and modernisation of wastewater treatment plants, construction, rehabilitation, reconstruction and modernisation of sewerage networks and water supply networks where their route coincides with the sewage one.

The implementation of projects under this procedure will ensure compliance with Council Directive 91/271/EEC by providing environmentally friendly treatment and discharge of urban waste water from agglomerations with over 10 000 PE. At the same time, the investment will have a positive social-economic effect, since it will lead to the creation of new jobs, the opening up of new possibilities for the local business in its capacity of project contractor and increase in the proportion of the population, served by the sewerage system and drinking water infrastructure.