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Dec 1, 2010


Nona Karadzhova, Minister of Environment and Water, and Georgi Georgiev, mayor of Blagoevgrad, held a groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of a regional waste management system in the region of Blagoevgrad, including the municipalities of Botevgrad, Pravetz and Etropole.

"I welcome your responsible attitude towards environmental issues. Many municipal authorities take care only of sites, which are visible or prominent during pre-election campaigns, while the mayors of Botevgrad, Pravetz and Etropole demonstrate responsible attitude towards sites, which will improve the quality of the environment. It is obvious that in this way the municipalities and local population are taking care of the future of our children. At this point I would like to remind you of an old Indian saying, which goes "We have not inherited the environment and land from our parents, but we have borrowed it from our children". This new project, related to the environment of Botevgrad Municipality in cooperation with the other two municipalities, proves that you are thinking about the future", the Minister of Environment and Water said.

According to Krasimir Zhivkov, head of the regional administration, this event shows that the region of Sofia has established a regional policy for waste management, which is the result of long-lasting and hard efforts.
The mayor of Botevgrad also expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of Environment and Water and in particular to the operational programme team, which carried out the necessary actions to rectify any flaws in the projects that might lead to correction remarks, in order to ensure its financing.

Other official guests of the ceremony included Zinaida Zlatanova, head of the European Commission Representation in Bulgaria and the mayors of Etropole and Pravetz - Bogomil Georgiev and Nikola Nitov.

The regional system project has a total investment cost of BGN 17.5 million, BGN 14.5 million of which will be granted under Operational Programme "Environment", while the remaining BGN 3 million will be provided by the Municipality. The completion of constructions works is scheduled for March 2012.