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Nov 23, 2010


The Ministry of Environment and Water invited the municipalities of Byala (Ruse), Varna, Veliko Tarnovo, Gabrovo, Dobrich, Samokov, Nikopol, Lukovit, Panagyurishte, Pleven, Razlog, Stara Zagora, and Yambol to submit project proposals for the establishment of waste management systems in these regions. The total indicative grant amount is BGN 219 340 689, including BGN 186 439 585 from the European Regional Development Fund and BGN 32 901 104 from the state budget. The amount is an estimate and may be increased if that is necessary and well justified.

The main activities eligible for investment include construction of first cells of landfills, reloading stations, separation, composting and recycling facilities, as well as construction of the technical infrastructure to these sites. Project proposals can include one or a combination of the above activities. It has to be noted that OPE will not finance activities for collection and transportation of household waste or for closing of existing landfills.

The thirteen municipalities are to submit their projects for approval by 31 August 2011 and MOEW will give opinion three months following the receipt of documents.

To date, one contract for the establishment of a regional waste management system has been signed with Botevgrad Municipality under priority axis 2 of OPE and four projects are in the evaluation phase - those of Burgas, Vidin and Pernik, with the project proposal of Stolichna Municipality pending opinion by the European Commission.

In view of their significance, the projects expected from the thirteen municipalities are given priority in the National Waste Management Program 2009 - 2013. It is laid down in the program that Bulgaria has to establish total 57 systems of facilities for disposal of the whole quantity of household waste generated in the country. Twenty three of these systems will be financed under Operational Programme Environment.