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Nov 2, 2010


Burgas Municipality submitted its project proposal for establishment of an integrated waste management system in the region. Total grant amount is BGN 40 730 238, including BGN 34 620 702 from the European Regional Development Fund and BGN 6 109 536 from the state budget. Burgas Municipality is specific beneficiary in partnership with the municipalities of Sredets, Kameno, Nesebar, Pomorie, Aitos, Ruen, Karnobat, Sungurlare.

The objective of the procedure is to support Burgas Region in finding a sustainable household waste management solution through establishment of an integrated treatment system. Activities to be financed include:
  • Design and construction of the first non-hazardous waste landfill cell, including supply of landfill operation equipment;
  • Design and construction of reloading stations, supply of equipment and preparation for construction of separating, composting and recycling installations;
  • Construction of the approach infrastructure servicing only the sites of the regional waste management system;
  • Infrastructure measures necessary to support the sites included in the system.

The municipality is to plan these activities so that they are completed by end of 2014.

The time limit for completion of the assessment by the Intermediate Body of OP Environment is two months from submission of documents which time limit shall cease to count upon any request for additional information. Project implementation is envisaged to provide ecologically sound disposal of the household waste generated on the territory of the region thereby minimizing the risk for human health. Given its significance, it is one of the priority projects in the National Waste Management Program 2009 - 2013.