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Nov 1, 2010


Total 9 municipalities submitted their project proposals for construction of water infrastructure under procedure BG161PO005/10/1.11/03/19 Preparation and implementation of projects for improvement and development of water and wastewater infrastructure in agglomerations with over 10 000 population equivalent. These include Aitos, Dryanovo, Chirpan, Elin Pelin, Levski, Razlog, Smolyan, Radomir, and Popovo. Their proposals will be evaluated by yearend and the grant award contracts will be signed in early 2011.

The procedure targets municipalities with low project preparedness level which have not received previously public financing, do not have needs analysis of the agglomerations and have not prioritized the projects and measures to be implemented. They are supported both in the preparation and implementation of investment, thereby meeting the requirements of Bulgarian and European environmental legislation.

Municipalities which have failed to prepare their project proposals have two more opportunities to do so - by 31 January 2011 or by 30 June 2011. After each one of the two deadlines the projects will be examined by MOEW working groups. Beneficiaries must plan preparatory and construction works so that they are completed no later than 31 December 2014.

Total funds to be awarded for agglomerations with over 10 000 population equivalent under procedure BG161PO005/10/1.11/03/19, together with the procedure announced at end of June 2010, amount to BGN 1 200 000 000.