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Oct 26, 2010


The Ministry of Environment and Water announced a competition-based grant procedure under Operational Programme Environment - BG161PO005/10/3.0/2/20 Activities for preservation and restoration of biodiversity in the Republic of Bulgaria. Total grant amount is BGN 34 281 147, including BGN 29 138 974.95 from the European Regional Development Fund and BGN 5 142 172.05 of national co-financing provided from the state budget.
The main objective of the procedure is preservation, maintenance and, where necessary, restoration of priority habitats and species, including those within the National Environmental Network.
Potential beneficiaries include regional inspectorates of environment and water, national and natural park directorates, regional forests directorates, municipalities and non-governmental organizations. The projects to be implemented are expected to contribute for improved condition of over 100 habitats and species, for curbing the harmful impact of invasive species and for implementation of activities set out in protected area management plans.
The procedure comprises three components. Component one includes implementation of activities in reserves, managed reserves, and national and nature parks. Component two includes implementation of activities outside protected territories, with priority focus on restoration of priority habitats and species. Component three includes development of action plans for plant and animal species.

Full set of application documents can be downloaded at and at

Project proposal should be submitted by 21 February 2011 every working day from 09.00 am till 05.00 pm to the Ministry of Environment and Water, Cohesion Policy for Environment Directorate, Programme Management Department, 22, Kn. Maria Louisa Blvd., Sofia 1000.

The Managing Authority will organize an information campaign, with dates and places to be published at: Applicants can e-mail, (ope@mо, mail, or fax (980 67 29) questions on the procedure by 1 February 2011 at the latest. Answers will be published in the Questions and Answers section of the OPE site.