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Oct 8, 2010


On October 8, 2010, the Municipality of Vidin submitted its project for building of the integrated waste management system for the region of Vidin. Its total value is amounting to BGN 20,5 million, out of which BGN 19.4 million is expected to be provided by the European Regional Development Fund of EU and the State budget, through the Operational Programme Environment 2007 - 2013. The remaining BGN 1.1 million will be provided by the municipality in the form of equity contribution.

Specific beneficiary under the present procedure is the Municipality of Vidin, in partnership with the municipalities Bregovo, Boynitsa, Kula, Gramada, Novo Selo, Dimovo, Ruzhintsi, Belogradchik, Chuprene and Makresh.

The purpose of the procedure under which the municipality is applying is to assist Vidin region to find lasting solution for the domestic waste management within the region by building of an integrated system of facilities for treatment of the domestic household waste.

The activities that can be financed under the project are the following:
  • Design and construction of the first landfill cell for non-hazardous waste, including delivery of equipment necessary for its operation;
  • Design and construction of a composting facility and delivery of equipment necessary for its operation;
  • Design and construction of a facility for recycling of construction waste and delivery of equipment necessary for its operation;
  • Design and construction of recycling centers and supply of the equipment necessary for their operation;
  • Activities related to the closure of the landfill for domestic waste of the municipality of Vidin, since it is technically indivisibly connected to the new landfill;
  • Construction of incoming technical infrastructure that serves only the objects of the regional system for waste management;
  • Infrastructure measures necessary to ensure the sites for the objects included in the system;

The time limit for the assessment by the Intermediate Body of the OP Environment is 2 months from the submission of the project proposal, but any request for further information on the project is interrupting this period. The realization of the project will provide environmentally sound disposal of the domestic waste generated within the region in accordance with the requirements of the national and European legislation, which will improve the environmental components and minimize the risk for human health. Due to the importance of the project, it is included as a priority one in the National Waste Management Programme 2009 - 2013.