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Aug 26, 2010


Payments of BGN 24 million under Operational Programme Environment were made this week. These funds are remitted to municipalities that implement infrastructure projects with construction activities at an advanced stage.

As a result of the measures undertaken for optimizing the systems for management and control of the programme and the increase of the capacity of the structures responsible for the management of the operational programme, the time required for approval of the reports and requests for funds, submitted by the municipalities, has been reduced.

From end of May to end of June of the current year, supplementary agreements to contracts were concluded for grants between MOEW and the municipalities on more than 250 projects, which allow increased control over the procedures for public procurement and the admissibility of the costs made by the beneficiaries. These agreements allow many of the postponed payments in 2009 to be made by imposing financial corrections for violations and partial refunding of the funds.

Major factor for the successful implementation of the funds under OP Environment is the activity of the municipalities in preparing projects for construction and development of infrastructure for waste water and household waste management. The costs made by the municipalities for the implementation of priority projects will be reimbursed by the program, provided that they are made in conformity with the requirements of the legislation related to the public contracts, the state aids and environmental protection.

In the Water sector, the total amount of the funds for which the municipalities identified as priority are invited by the Ministry of Environment and Water to apply, is amounting to BGN 1.2 billion.

The Ministry of Environment and Water is sending invitations for the Waste sector to the municipalities, preparing priority projects for construction of regional systems, as soon as they state readiness for applying. Invitations have been already sent to 4 regions (Pernik, Botevgrad, Vidin and Burgas) of total indicative value of the provided funding, amounting to BGN 93 million.

By the end of September further 13 regions will be sent invitations (Byala, Varna, Veliko Tarnovo, Gabrovo, Dobrich, Levski, Lukovit, Malko Tarnovo, Panagyurishte, Pleven, Razlog, Samokov and Yambol) and in early 2011, as soon as they are ready - to the remaining 5 regional systems (Pazardzhik, Kocherinovo, Provadia, Stara Zagora and Svoge). The total indicative value of the provided funds for these projects is amounting to BGN 470 million.

The experts of MOEW hold regular meetings with municipalities and provide continuous methodological support and consulting during the preparation and implementation of the projects.