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Apr 27, 2010


On 24 April the Minister of Environment and Water Nona Karadzhova met with media representatives in the village of Chiflik, Municipality of Troyan. The major topic of the meeting was Operational Programme ‘Environment 2007 – 2013’ – the main instrument for the implementation of environment management policies.
In her speech minister Karadzhova emphasized that the new team has stopped the waste of OPE funding by introducing the requirement for economic and financial efficiency of the investment projects.
In her presentation on the water sector deputy minister Ivelina Vasileva focused on the financing mechanism under priority axis 1 of the programme. At present there are 124 agglomerations in Bulgaria, which are to be provided with water treatment by 31.12.2010 in compliance with Council Directive 91/271/EEC concerning urban waste water treatment. A direct award procedure is applied for the beneficiaries of these agglomerations. The indicative deadline for starting the procedure is the end of April 2010. There is a fixed deadline for applying, while the assessment of the submitted projects shall be carried out every two months.

The Head of the Managing Authority of OP ‘Environment’ Malina Krumova expressed her expectations that all investment projects for the 23 regional waste management systems will be prepared by the end of 2010. In case the necessary project readiness is not achieved, the respective allocated funds can be used for other activities, permissible under priority axis 2 of OPE. Malina Krumova also announced upcoming procedures for receiving project proposals under priority axis 3 ‘Biodiversity’. By the end of the year projects will be received on:

  • Development of action plans for plant and animal species in compliance with article 52 and article 53 of the Biodiversity Act in Bulgaria;
  • Implementation of activities included in approved action plans related to species; implementation of activities related to limitation of the negative impact of invasive species;
  • Development of management plans of protected areas for bird preservation, which do not overlap with areas related to preservation of habitats;
  • Preservation and restoration of biodiversity