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Feb 26, 2010


On 26 February 2010, one month earlier than the specified deadline, Sofia Municipality submitted the Sofia Integrated Waste Management System project. The total cost of the project is BGN 359 435 408, including over BGN 256 million envisaged to be provided by the EU European Regional Development Fund and the state budget via Operational Program Environment. The remaining amount of over BGN 103 million will be provided by the Sofia Municipality via a loan from the European Investment Bank.

The project includes design and construction of waste MBT (mechanical and biological treatment) installations, a non-hazardous waste disposal site and a waste composting installation, as well as construction of the conveying technical infrastructure needed for the operation of the equipment included in the system. The implementation of the project will ensure environmentally-friendly disposal of household waste generated in the territory of the Sofia Municipality, in accordance with the provisions of the national and European legislations, as well as 60% reduction of the quantity of waste disposed, which will improve the components of the environment and minimize the risk to human health.

Due to its significance, this project has been given a priority status in the new National Waste Management Programme 2009 - 2013.

The Intermediate Body of Operational Programme Environment shall perform assessment within 2 months of the submission of the project proposal. After the completion of the assessment at a national level, the project shall be submitted for approval by the European Commission. According to the EU requirements, all major investment projects of over EUR 25 million in the environment sector applying for European funding are subject to assessment and approval by the Commission. Practice has shown that the procedure in Brussels takes 3 months to 1 year, depending on the project documentation quality and the work-load of the responsible units in the Commission. The beneficiary will be given access to the OPE financial resources after the formal approval of the project by the EC.