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Dec 16, 2009


Minister Nona Karadjova invited Sofia Municipality and Pernik Municipality to submit project proposals on the construction of waste management infrastructure on the territory of the two regions.

The indicative budget under OP Environment for Sofia waste project is estimated to 131 026 280 Euro. The deadline for application is not later than 30 March 2010.

The total indicative budget of the project is 183 776 406 Euro, VAT included. The grant under OP Environment is 131 026 280 Euro, advance payment may be requested by the beneficiary up to 20%. Cofinancing is provided by the European Regional Development Fund - 111 372 338 Euro.

The deadline for evaluation by the Intermediate Body is two months after the submission of the project proposal. After evaluating at national level the project proposal should be submitted for approval to the European Commission. The practice shows that the approval procedure takes between three months and one year depending on the quality of the documentation and the business of the responsible units within the European Commission. The beneficiary receives OPE financial recourse after the EC approval.

Eligible activities on the establishment of Sofia integrated waste management system are design and construction of mechanical biological treatment installation, design and construction of a non hazardous waste disposal site and composting installation, as well as construction of an inbound technical infrastructure necessary for the exploitation of the facilities.

Activities related to the improvement of the municipal waste collection and transport services as well as activities related to the closure of existing landfills on the territory of Sofia Municipality will not be eligible under OPE.

Pernik Municipality should submit a project proposal on the construction of a regional waste management infrastructure until 15 May 2010. The project will support waste problem solution in Pernik, Zemen, Tran, Kovachevtsi, Breznik and Radomir Municiplaity.

The indicative maximum amount of the grant under the procedure is 10 898 370, 25 Euro. An advance payment may be requested by the beneficiary up to 20%.

The deadline for evaluation of the project proposal is two months after its submission.

MA and IB experts are keeping dialogue with the beneficiaries and are following the process of preparation. The new OPE mechanisms allow corrections and improvements to be made in the submitted documents. It will guarantee shortening the terms, preparing of quality project proposals and reducing the risks in the project implementation.