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Dec 3, 2009


It was announced by Minister Nona Karadjova during the major event organized by OPE Managing Authority. Yesterday I signed payment orders for 31 million leva to be transferred to over 40 municipalities, the Minister said. The main reasons for the payments delay are the complex procedures and templates on project reporting, as well as the technical problems with the Monitoring and Information System.

We needed the last three months to improve the programme management and to streamline the procedures, explained Minister Nona Karadjova. In terms of infrastructure financing will be provided for projects which are economically effective and possess the necessary readiness.

For the successful implementation of the programme it is necessary to maintain closer contact between the Managing Authority and the Intermediate Body on the one hand and the beneficiaries on the other hand. The exchange of ideas and good practices is needed. Every Thursday is a consultation day for municipalities with the experts working on OP Environment.

The financial resource of over 1,8 billion Euro under OPE is directed to three objectives: protection and improvement of the condition of water resources, improvement of waste management and soil protection, preservation of biodiversity and nature protection. About 90% of the programme total budget is directed to investment projects in water and waste sector. 281 projects are under implementation amounting to 781,2 million leva.

The Head of OPE Managing Authority, Malina Kroumova, presented the OP financial implementation. Until the 1st of December 2009 over 780 million leva have been contracted, 67 million leva have been paid. Together with the abovementioned 31 million leva the payments to municipalities amount to 98 million leva.

The Executive Director of the NAMRB, Ginka Tchavdarova, made a review two years after the start of the operational programme. Successful OPE projects were presented: Construction of sewerage and collector system to the existing UWWTP in Beloslav and Preparation of investment project for Razlog regional landfill and preliminary waste treatment enterprise.

The Head of the Intermediate Body, Yoana Hristova, presented the forthcoming changes in the reporting procedures, the coordination of public procurement documentation and verification of expenditures. The initiatives are a result of the permanent dialog between the MOEW experts and OPE beneficiaries. The main goal is to simplify procedures, making the process of projects implementation easier for the beneficiaries.