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Dec 1, 2009


OPE Monitoring Committee approved the indicative annual work programme for 2010. The updated mechanisms on the construction of water and waste infrastructure were presented to the Committee.

The main changes in the water and waste sector /priority axis 1 and 2/ included in the annual work programme are:

  • Introducing a direct award procedure to municipalities - beneficiaries under OPE.
  • The principle of a direct invitation to municipalities will be implemented taking into consideration the project readiness. Municipalities will be able to apply during the whole year when ready with the project proposal.
  • Financial contribution of municipalities to projects in the two sectors.
The changes aim to achieve sound financial management and absorption of funds under OP Environment supporting the implementation of the waste water treatment directive and the waste disposal directive.

In water sector projects will be financed for agglomerations over 10 000 population equivalent. Funding will be provided primarily to agglomerations lacking WWTP, as well as considering the population equivalent and the economic efficiency of the project.

Following Council of Ministers Decree 209/2009 OPE funding for the waste sector will be directed to the construction of regional waste management systems. The first invitations related to the construction of regional waste management systems in Botevgrad, Bourgas, Malko Tarnovo, Pernik and Sofia will be sent in December.

With regard to priority axis 3 Protection and restoration of biodiversity a call for proposals will be opened in June 2010. The project selection procedure will be implemented in the sector.

281 projects to the amount of 781, 2 million leva are currently under implementation.