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Dec 30, 2008


Operational Programme Environment was approved at the end of 2007. For one year we have opened six project selection procedures and one direct award procedure on the development of river basin management plans as well.

Three of the project selection procedures have already been closed - regarding technical assistance in water and waste sector and construction in water sector. 232 projects from 145 municipalities have been approved for financing. Two of them are major projects and have been submitted for approval to the European Commission following Regulation 1083/2006. Isperih municipality informed about receiving financing on one of the activities included in the project. In order to avoid double financing the municipality declared that refuses to sign a contract.
Until now 86 contracts have been signed to the amount of 551 million leva. The technical assistance contracts amount to 56 million leva, and the infrastructure projects in water sector - approximately to 494 million leva.

An annual prognosis has been elaborated in the beginning of 2008 in relation to the amount of ERDF and CF co-financing. 221 million leva have been planned for contracting. Up to the present moment the contracted EU financing amounts to 420 million leva which represents 190 % implementation of the programme in the first year.