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Apr 13, 2010


The deputy minister of Environment and Water Mrs Ivelina Vasileva and the Head of the OPE Managing Authority Mrs Malina Krumova presented to the minister of EU funds management Mr Tomislav Donchev operational programme ‘Environment 2007 – 2013’ at the exhibition ‘Water – Sofia 2010’.

He expressed interest in the ways to provide information on the possibilities for applying under OPE to potential beneficiaries and contractors, as well as in the most common questions posed in connection with the programme implementation.

The minister welcomed the Managing Authority’s idea to launch the campaign 'Virtual water', which is aimed at making the consumers aware of the quantity drinking water, necessary for the manufacturing of products, which are often used or consumed in everyday life. The campaign starts at 15 April and will be conducted in Sofia, Varna, Burgas, Veliko Turnovo, Stara Zagora, Plovdiv and Bansko.

The concept ‘virtual water’ does not specify the quantity of water contained in a given product but indicates the volume of fresh water, used at the different stages of its production - for instance, about 21 000 litre of water are used for the production of 1 kilo of coffee.

Minister Donchev has a special attitude towards priority axis 1 of OPE, related to the financing of projects in the water sector. As a mayor of Gabrovo Municipality he was awarded one of the two major infrastructure projects under operational programme ‘Environment’, whose cost amounts to over BGN 123.5 million.

Minister Donchev, deputy minister Vasileva and Mrs Krumova partook in a seminar entitled ‘The French experience in the public-private partnership in the water sector’, organized within the exhibition programme.