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Apr 9, 2010


The OP Managing Authority introduced this practice for the municipal administrations, preparing projects for the development of 23 regional waste management systems, envisaged for funding under OPE. During the meetings the potential beneficiaries presented the progress of the projects preparation, as well as the difficulties they have encountered in this process regarding the necessary documentation. The Head of the Managing Authority, representatives of the Intermediate Body and specialized administrations in the Ministry of Environment and Water answered questions on specific causes and demonstrated commitment to provide full assistance and to support the municipalities in the preparation process.

On 8 April the first of the meetings in the water sector took place. They are to be held for the municipal administrations, implementing investment projects under signed contracts for financial assistance. The beneficiaries gave a short account of the project implementation progress, the public procurement status, the encountered difficulties and problems, the financial obligations to contractors etc.

The meetings were attended by representatives of the 23 regions where regional waste management systems are to be developed, as well as by their consultants, along with representatives of OPE beneficiaries, implementing infrastructure projects in the water sector. The meetings will be held regularly on the premises of the Ministry of Environment and Water.