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Apr 17, 2009


On the 16th of April 2009 a round table and a seminar were held, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, on the new mechanism for construction of waste infrastructure under Operational Programme Environment. Representatives of the European Commission and JASPERS participated in the event, as well as the Cabinet of the Deputy Prime Minister responsible for the management of the EU funds, the National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria, municipalities from the 23 regions, where regional waste management systems shall be developed, consultants and the media. The waste management policy in Bulgaria, the new waste mechanism and the JASPERS experience in implementing projects in the waste sector were presented.

Bulgaria is ready with the household waste management programme, which starts in July this year and responds completely to the commitments taken by our country during the EU negotiation process, said the Minister of Environment and Water Mr. Dzhevdet Chakarov.

He opened the meeting saying that in the middle of July the waste management system shall be in compliance with the requirements of the European and Bulgarian legislation. € 367 mln. from the European Regional Development Fund and the national budget will finance the 23 regional waste management systems in order to simplify the granting procedures and to start the construction as soon as possible. The funding will cover the construction of one, two or three cells of the regional landfill, separation installation and composting facilities. These 23 systems, as well as the operating 27 regional landfills and the 5 landfills that are under construction, will ensure the waste treatment in the country for the next seven years.

Mechanism for or construction of waste infrastructure under Operational Programme Environment