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Dec 5, 2008


On the 3rd of December 2008 on a working meeting the MA of OPE, the IB of OPE and representatives of the Association of Danube River Municipalities discussed the priorities and the difficulties in applying with projects under the OP Environment.

The Managing Authority greeted the Danube river municipalities for the good representation - 44 submitted project proposals from 26 municipalities for the closed calls for proposals. 31 of them are approved - 23 projects for technical assistance in the water sector, 1 project for water infrastructure (Glavinitsa municipality) and 7 for technical assistance in the waste sector. Except the approval letters the municipalities shall receive an invitation letter to submit the information needed for the contract preparation.

The most common difficulties were lightened, i.e.:
- lack of evidences that the agglomeration is over 2 000 PE
- the provided evidences that the candidate has ensured enough resources for financing the project expenses don't comply with the requirements in the Guidelines
- the provided cost benefit analysis does not demonstrate the financial stability of the project
- double financing - it is very important to be highlightened that even if one project activity is financed by other public body, there is a sufficient risk that the whole project shall be disapproved.

The municipalities were invited not to wait the call for proposals opening but to start the project preparation. They should take into consideration the motives for disapproval the project proposals when preparing their next projects for submission under the OPE procedures.