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Dec 5, 2008


On November 24th in Plovdiv a seminar "Waste management vision" was held, organized by the Managing Authority of OP Environment.

The seminar aimed at the OPE Monitoring Committee members, participation also took representatives of the DG REGIO of the European Commission and the European Investment Bank. Representatives of the municipality administrations shared their experience and the difficulties they met when applying with projects under OPE.

Possible decisions for implementation of the priority axis 2 of the Programme were presented, and more specific the main challenges, analysis of the sector needs, clarifying the mechanisms for ensuring enough recourses for reinvestment in the sector, possibilities for alternative financing, etc.

The European Commission greeted the wide discussion, held by MOEW and invited the participants to continue this practice in future.
Presentation of Mr. Carsten Rasmussen, DG REGIO, EC

Presentation of Cohesion Policy for Environment Directorate, MOEW