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Jan 31, 2011


Projects with a total investment volume of over BGN 333 million for the construction of water supply and sewerage infrastructure were submitted by the municipalities of Tutrakan, Dulovo, Razgrad, Burgas (Meden Rudnik district and Sarafovo district), Nova Zagora, Pazardzhik, Elhovo, Varna (resort Zlatni Pyasatsi), Balchik (for the town and the resort of Albena) and Ihtiman under direct award procedure BG161PO005/10/1.11/03/19 "Preparation and Implementation of Projects for Improvement and Development of Water and Wastewater infrastructure in Agglomerations with over 10 000 PE".
According to the information provided by the municipalities during intensive consultations with experts from OPE Managing Authority, the projects envisage the construction of three new wastewater treatment plants, reconstruction or expansion of six wastewater treatment plants, deep-water discharge in two agglomerations and expansion and reconstruction of water supply and sewerage network. The project proposals will be examined by an expert working group at the Ministry of Environment and Water. Once they have received a positive evaluation, the contracts for granting financial assistance will be signed.
The technical assistance projects of other nine municipalities with a total investment value of BGN 340 million, submitted on 1 November 2010, are also in the evaluation phase.
Furthermore, the municipalities of Pirdop and Sredets submitted today two project proposals under direct award procedure BG161PO005/10/1.11/02/16 "Improvement and Development of Water and Wastewater infrastructure in Agglomerations with over 10 000 PE" with a total indicative value of BGN 41 500 000 from consultations. The projects foresee the construction of one wastewater treatment plant (Municipality of Sredets), as well as the completion of construction works and reconstruction of water supply and sewerage network in the two municipalities.
Construction works under all these projects are scheduled for completion by the end of 2014.

The social economic effect of the investments comprises the creation of new jobs, opening up of new opportunities for the business in its capacity of project contractor and increasing the proportion of the population, served by the sewerage system and drinking water infrastructure.