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Feb 1, 2011


The Ministry of Environment and Water opened procedure for project proposals for protection of wild birds in 13 protected areas, which do not overlap with the protected areas for habitats. These areas include Dolni Bogrov, Yatata, Kamenski Bair, Tchairya, Orizishta Tsalapitsa, Berkovitsa, Kocherinovo, Meshtitsa, Ribarnitsi Plovdiv and Chelopechene and the dams of Konush, Ovcharitsa and Zhrebchevo.

The procedure specifically aims at the development of management plans for the protection of wild birds, while the activities which can be financed include the monitoring of birds, research, inventories, analyses and mapping of bird habitats.

The grant amounts to BGN 3 million and is provided by the European Regional Development Fund through Operational Programme "Environment". The funds will be granted to the Regional Inspectorates of Environment and Water, Executive Forests Agency and its regional directorates, municipalities and non-governmental organisations, which may submit their projects by 9 May and implement them by the end of 2014 once they have been approved.
The main problems in the thirteen areas are caused by the impact of human activity on the natural evolution of the species, for example mowing during nesting period, removal of rice fields, which have become habitat for many birds; changes of the hydrological practices in agriculture, which lead to changes in the humidity of the earth and last, but not least by active fishing and breeding uncommon fish species, which affects the diet of birds.

Implementing the activities under the future projects is expected to ensure sound balance between the preservation of biodiversity and the economic activity and lead to the restoration of populations of rare birds, which are also protected in compliance with EU directives.

The full set of application documents, including Application Guidelines, Application Form and relevant appendixes can be found HERE and at

Project proposals may be submitted by 9 May 2011, every working day from 9 am to 5 pm in the Ministry of Environment and Water, Cohesion Policy for Environment Directorate, Programme Management Department, 22 Maria Luiza blvd, 1000 Sofia.