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Feb 28, 2011


Hisarya and Krichim have submitted projects for the construction of water supply and sewerage network with a total investment value of BGN 68 million. The funds are provided from the Operational Programme "Environment" and the state budget.

The project of Hisarya Municipality amounts to BGN 39 million. As a result of the project, over 3000 citizens in the districts of Momina Banya, Verigovo, Miromir will have 28 km-long new urban and rain sewerage system, 13 km-long modernised water mains system and 2 km-long reconstructed sewerage. A channel pumping station will also be constructed.

The Municipality of Krichim envisages BGN 29 million for the construction of waste water treatment plants and furthermore new sewerage system for 10 thousand citizens, 4 km-long water main and reconstruction of 20 km-long water supply network.
The projects of Krichim and Hisarya will be evaluated by the end of June, together with the project proposals of Pirdop and Sredetz.

The two municipalities are applying under direct award procedure for the construction of water infrastructure, which was opened in the middle of 2010. Other investment projects under the same procedure which are in the evaluation phase are those of Tryavna, Sofia Municipality, Tervel, Kozloduy and Knezha. The total investment value of the projects under the scheme is over BGN 205 million. The implementation of all projects should be completed by the end of 2014.