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Mar 8, 2011


The Minister of Environment and Water Nona Karadjova and the mayors of Chirpan, Aytos and Dryanovo signed contracts for the construction of water supply and sewerage networks and waste water treatment plants in the three towns. The total investment value of the projects is BGN 97 million, provided from Operational Programme "Environment" and from the state budget.

The project for Chirpan amounts to BGN 42 million. The funds will be used for the construction of a waste water treatment plant, the laying down of 9-km long new sewerage and the modernisation of 21-km long water supply and sewerage system. The waste water treatment plant will provide a better treatment of waste water by removing nitrogen and phosphorus. This will stop the pollution of the rivers Tekirska and Maritsa, which represent the so called "sensitive zone". The reconstruction of the water supply network will significantly reduce the loss of drinking water and after the completion of the project in the middle of 2014 all citizens in the town will be served by a sewerage system.

The Municipality of Dryanovo will pour BGN 25 million into the construction of a new urban waste water treatment plant and in this way prevent the discharge of waste water into river Dryanovska. The project also envisages the construction of new sewerage system in 5 districts and the modernisation of the remaining sewerage and water supply network. The investment will ensure a modern treatment of all waste water in the agglomeration.
The Municipality of Aytos will get BGN 30 million for the construction of a new waste water treatment plant, 3 km-long sewerage collectors and channel pumping station.
The three contracts have been signed under a combined procedure for applicants with weaker preparation. This procedure also includes the projects of Levski, Radomir, Popovo, Elin Pelin, Smolyan, Tutrakan, Dulovo, Razgrad, Burgas (Meden Rudnik district and Sarafovo district), Nova Zagora, Pazardzhik, Elhovo, Varna (Zlatni Pyasatzi resort), Balchik (town and Albena resort) and Ihtiman, which are in the evaluation phase.
At the end of February Hisarya and Krichim submitted project proposals worth BGN 68 million under the other current procedure for municipalities with ready water supply and sewerage projects. The proposals will be evaluated by the end of June, together with the projects of Pirdop and Sredets. The investments of Tryavna, Sofia Municipality, Tervel, Kozloduy and Knezha are also in the evaluation phase under this scheme.

The total investment value under the two procedures amounts to around BGN 900 million. The implementation of the projects should be completed by the end of 2014.