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Mar 10, 2011


The Minister of Water and Environment Nona Karadjova and the mayor of Burgas Dimitar Nikolov held an official ceremony for launching into operation of the new sewerage system and pumping station in Dolno Ezerovo District in Burgas. The project is worth BGN 6 million, provided by Operational Programme "Environment", the state budget and the municipality.

"Two years ago, the citizens from this district were still asking me "Will this stench from the ditch ever go away, so that we may have an adequate living standard"? Now we're witnessing the successful completion of the project, thanks to Operational Programme "Environment". I hope that we will receive the support of the Ministry of Environment and Water for the remaining major water projects for other areas in Burgas", mayor Nikolov said.

The new sewerage system is 10 km long and follows the natural slope of the streets. Waste water is collected in a channel-pumping station, whence it is carried forward to the urban waste water treatment plant. The asphalt covering and the pavements along the sewerage routing have been restored. The municipality has purchased with its own resources all building deviations, which would otherwise have to be paid by the citizens of Dolno Ezerovo.

"It is a pleasure for me to visit Burgas on this occasion. Moreover, the sewerage system is the first construction site, for which I held a groundbreaking ceremony and now an opening one. It seems no coincidence that Burgas was selected among the best Bulgarian cities to live in. The projects of the municipality in the water sector are worth over BGN 200 million. In this respect, there is no other such municipality in Bulgaria, which shows that you have an extraordinary high administrative capacity. I'm convinced that with this speed we will soon witness other such positive occasions", Minister Karadjova said.

Other official guests of the ceremony included Deputy-Minister of Environment and Water Ivelina Vasileva, Head of Burgas Regional Administration Konstantin Grebenarov and the Chairman of the Municipal Council Snezhina Madzharova.