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Jul 19, 2012


Pomorie Lake received international award “Blue Globe” in Europe for good practices in management of wetland.

The awards “Blue” and “Grey” Globes are awarded by the initiative of the International organization World Wetland Network (WWN), which includes non – governmental organizations, dealing with conservation and management of wetlands. Awards are presented to wetlands with international importance listed by the Ramsar Convention in two major categories – best (Blue Globe) and worst (Grey Globe) practices in the management of wetlands. Winners are chosen by vote, which this year involved more than 2000 no – governmental organizations worldwide. This year were awarded six “Blue Globe” prizes for wetlands in Japan, New Zealand, Bulgaria, Madagascar, USA and Peru. Five Ramsar Sites received “Grey Globe”, respectively in South Korea, Columbia, Australia, Croatia and Benin.

The award for the Pomorie Lake was given to the national coordinator of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands in Bulgaria, Aylin Hasan, she is an expert in the ministry, who represented Bulgaria at the 11th Meeting of the State countries at the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands (COP11) in Bucharest, Romania.

One of the greatest successful practices in the management of “Pomorie Lake” as a wetland is to restore the hydrological regime of the lake by repairing the channel sea – lake. The channel is the only connection to the saline lagoon on the Black sea and its proper functioning is crucial not only for biodiversity but also for salt production and extraction of mud from the lake. The channel was repaired under the project “Pomorie Lake – conservation, restoration and sustainable development”, funded by the Global Ecological Fund and the World Bank. Within the project was constructed visitor’s center of the Pomorie Lake. It is one of the most modern visitor and nature conservation centers on the Balkan Peninsula, its equipment has been provided under the project “Green Balkans” funded by the Operational Programme “Environment 2007 – 2013” and the European Regional Development Fund.

For preservation and restoration of the wetland a number of maintenance and restoration activities were made in 1996. The main conservation activities are implemented by non – governmental teams in partnership with the support of Ministry and local authorities.

Pomorie Lake is a natural super-salty lagoon included in the Ramsar Convention on wetlands of International Importance in 2002. The southern part of the lake is connected to Black Sea through an artificial channel. Wetland includes salt marshes, reed beds and salt pans. Part of the bottom lake is covered with healing mud. The lake is important because of its natural economic resources – extraction of salt, mud and fish resources.

The greatest wealth of Pomorie Lake is the avifauna. The Lake is located on Via Pontica migration route and it’s a key location for reproduction and wintering during migration. There are over 270 bird species on the territory of wetland and many other rare and endangered plant and animal species.

A success in protecting the biodiversity of Pomorie Lake is the establishment and maintenance of island habitats and ground nesting birds. Especially popular in the largest island terns, which annually nesting colony of more than 1000 sandwich terns. Before the construction of the island this species of bird has been vanishing in the region like it had been only 6 couples left. This conservation initiative is originated in 1996. Maintaining and rebuilding the island is done annually by Bulgarian and foreign volunteers with the permission and support of the Ministry.