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Aug 7, 2012


Today Minister Nona Karadzhova and the Mayor of Burgas Dimitar Nikolov turned the first sod of the sewerage network in "Gorno Ezerovo". With this act they launched the implementation of an integrated management project of water supply and sewage in the region. Before the ceremony, Minister Karadzhova thanked for the teamwork between experts of Burgas and the Operational Programme "Environment 2007-2013" during the preparation of this important from an environmental perspective project.

"With the project implementation Burgas municipality has contracted and implemented projects for over 250 MBGN” - said Minister Karadzhova. In conclusion, she expressed her belief that this will be another project of the municipality that will be completed with good quality and on time.

Previously, the same day, Minister Nona Karadzhova and the Mayor of Nessebar Nikolay Dimitrov signed a contract for a grant for the project "Collection, purification and disposal of treated sewage from agglomeration Nessebar - Sunny Beach - Ravda". The project is associated with the expansion and modernization of WWTP - Ravda, which collects and purifies sewage of Nessebar resort, Sunny Beach ", St. Vlas, Kosharitsa, Ravda, Kableshkovo, Aheloy, Tankovo​​. It is financed by the Operational Programme "Environment 2007 - 2013" and its value is 98 MBGN.

"This is a very important infrastructure for sewage treatment. By implementing this project you are contributing to improve the ecological status not only for the region of Nessebar, but also for the preservation of the Black Sea, which is rich in biodiversity. Last but not least is the social impact of the implementation of project activities. It will create new jobs, both during implementation and the operation of the treatment facility", said Minister Karadzhova.

The project proposal is the second stage of the investment project for sewage treatment of agglomeration Nessebar - Sunny Beach - Ravda. At the first stage Nessebar Municipality has implemented a project for technical assistance to the OP "Environment 2007 - 2013 year" - "Preparation of investment project in two phases - conceptual and technical for WWTP construction for sewage treatment, resort Sunny Beach - Nessebar”.