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Sep 4, 2012


Kostinbrod Municipality will receive a grant of MBGN 97,6 for the construction of wastewater treatment plant and completion and modernization of water supply and sewerage networks in the city. This happened after the Minister of Environment and Water Mrs. Nona Karadzhova and the Mayor of Kostinbrod Municipality signed a contract today for providing grants for integrated project “Construction of sewage treatment plant and completion and modernization of water supply and sewerage network in Kostinbrod”. The project value is MBGN 97, 6 and its funded by Operational Programme “Environment 2007 – 2013”.

“Major problem in Kostinbrod is the absence of sewage treatment plant. With its construction will be removed tons of hazardous substances and thereby will solve one of the problem of the city, namely the pollution of Blato River and Belitsa River respectively Iskar River” said Minister Karadzhova during the signing of the contract. “The existing water supply system in the city is very old, which on the other hand leads to many problems frequent accidents and a serious loss of water supply. Replacement, reconstruction and modernization of internal and external water supply network are necessary, to stop wasting water. As a result of the construction of this infrastructure around 2500 people will be connected to the new sewerage system” added the Minister.

With the implementation of the project will be built and rebuilt 44 km sewerage network. 41 km will be the total length of the constructed new and reconstruction of existing water supply network. Over 10 thousand people will be connected to the sewage treatment plant. Thanks to realization of the project will be opened new jobs. Expected deadline for putting into service the sewage treatment plant is at the end of 2015.