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Sep 12, 2012


During a ceremony in Montana the Minister of Environment and Water Mrs. Nona Karadzhova and the mayor Zlatko Zhivkov signed a contract for funding the expansion and rehabilitation of water supply and sewerage networks in Montana. The project value is MBGN 54.5 and is funded by Operational Programme "Environment 2007 - 2013".

"The contract we just signed is the largest since the late 19th century for the region and aims to solve problems that have been accumulated not for a year or two, but for fifty years. It is expected to resolve final issues with the condition of water supply and sewerage networks in Montana. This will be useful for the citizens, for business and for absolutely all sectors", said the mayor Zlatko Zhivkov.

For the benefits of the project Minister Karadjova noted that "This project for me is not so important because of its value. Impressive are rather the results that we expect to be fulfilled by the end of its implementation in 2014. The rehabilitation of 26 km. from the water supply will stop water loss, which at this stage is about 75%. For 100% of the population will improve the quality of service in disposal of domestic sewage. For about 60,000 PE will be provided environmentally friendly collection and sewage treatment in urban WWTP, where it will be treated over 10 thousand m3 of water annually. At the same WWTP under the project is forthcoming the construction of the last module to remove phosphorus, which in the previous project has not been provided. This will prevent water pollution in Ogosta River "

The signing ceremony was attended by the regional governor of Montana Ivailo Petrov, director of the Montana RIEW, MPs and residents.