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Sep 17, 2012


The Minister of Environment and Water Mrs. Nona Karadzhova and Mr. Kolyu Milev – Mayor of Sliven, signed a contract for provision of grant for Integrated Project for the water cycle in Sliven. The project value is MBGN 63.5 and is funded by the Operational Programme "Environment 2007-2013”.

"The project is important for the city and is an investment for many years to come. It is necessary not only for people but for businesses as well, who is very interested in the region infrastructure”, said at the signing, the Minister of Environment and Water Mrs. Nona Karadzhova. Within the project will be reconstructed and build a 49 km water supply and sewerage networks. The Water Cycle project will improve the water quality and will significantly reduce its losses”, said the Minister. She gave an excellent evaluation of the two teams participated in the preparation of the project and stated her believe that the municipality will be able to deal with any further terms.

“The contract, which was signed today, excludes all done so far under the old projects and in that sense it starts clear” said the Deputy Minister of Environment and Water, Mrs. Ivelina Vasileva.

The mayor of Sliven Kolyu Milev thanked for the confidence and the collaboration of MOEW. He pointed out that the project at present is smaller, but it meets all the requirements of the funding program.

Earlier in the day, Minister Karadzhova checked on the spot how it fills the tasks set out in the project for “Reconstruction of mixed heron colonies along the Maritsa River." Since the introduction of what has been done, so far became clear, that the most attractive activities for the conservation of herons are to be implemented. It will be constructed an artificial island, will be installed protective fencing around the pond and will be placed a video surveillance in the area. The purpose of the project is in three years the number of heron birds to reach 2,000 couples.

“The project is part of the program for the protection of Bulgarian nature, for which the MOEW allocated MBGN 240 ", noted Minister Karadzhova.