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Apr 13, 2011


The investment is worth BGN 1.5 million, provided by Operational Programme "Environment" and the state budget. The collector is 840 m long and connects around 2,000 inhabitants of Gorna Banya to Sofia's sewerage system. Furthermore, 750 m-water pipes were constructed under the project.

"We may now call our neighbours from Suhodol, Gorna Banya and Ovcha Kupel citizens of Sofia, since what citizen of the capital city can you be if you don't have proper sewerage system? Next week will see the opening of another section, which will enable people from these regions to consider themselves European citizens", Prime Minister Boyko Borisov said. According to his estimates, Bulgaria absorbs an average of around EUR 28 million from the EU Funds per week.

Deputy-Minister Vasileva set Sofia Municipality as an example, being one of the most active municipal administrations under Operational Programme Environment. The established administrative capacity in this big municipality and the surrounding regions is being used in full and furthermore Sofia is preparing at least 4 more projects in the water sector.

The mayor of Sofia Yordanka Fandukova pointed that at present a 37 km-long sewerage system is being built in the city, as well as 27-km long water pipe and furthermore in two years the whole Gorna Banya district and the old part of Ovcha Kupel will be connected to the sewerage system of the city.

The third main collector is part of the construction project for 4 main sewerage collectors in the region of Ovcha Kupel. At present two of them have already been constructed, while the remaining two should be completed by the end of the year. The total length of the four collectors is 9 km, while the water pipe system is 3.7 km long. The project is worth BGN 10.5 million provided by Operational Programme Environment. The district of Ovcha Kupel together with Sofia Municipality is preparing the second phase of the project, which envisages the construction of secondary sewerage branches in the two districts - Ovcha Kupel and Gorna Banya.

The ceremony was attended by Andrey Ivanov, Chairman of Sofia Municipality Council, Plamen Yordanov, Mayor of Ovcha Kupel Disctrict and Malina Krumova, Director of OP Environment.