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May 4, 2011


Montana, Veliki Preslav and Lovech submitted projects for improvement of the water infrastructure in the three towns. The total amount of the projects is BGN 71 million under Operational Programme Environment and the national budget.

The Municipality of Montana will invest BGN 49 million in the reconstruction of 37 km-long sewerage system and 24 km water pipe, the construction of 6 km new sewerage system and the completion of the third stage of the waste water treatment plant. Once the project is implemented, around 14,000 citizens will have better drinking water and nearly 4,000 will be connected to the sewerage system.

The investment of Veliki Preslav Municipality amounts to BGN 12 million. The funds will be used to rehabilitate 1.7 km long sewerage system and 6 km long water pipe, to lay new sewerage pipes and construct a pumping station. The projects should be completed by mid-2013, ensuring modern water supply and sewerage system for the whole population of Veliki Preslav.

The Municipality of Lovech will pour BGN 10 million into the improvement of the water supply and sewerage system in the town. As a result of the project, around 5,000 citizens of the districts Goznitza, Drustene, the East Industrial Zone and Bahovsko Shose will have access to newly constructed sewerage system with a 7 km length. Furthermore, the project envisages the reconstruction of more than 10 km of water pipes and the construction of a facility, auxiliary to the existing waste water treatment plant for removal of nitrogen and phosphorus. The project will ensure modern collection and treatment of waste water for the whole town.

The three municipalities are applying under the procedure aimed at beneficiaries with ready water supply and sewerage projects. Under this procedure there are 10 proposals in the evaluation phase for a total of BGN 269 million of Tryavna, Sofia Municipality, Tervel, Kozlodui, Knezha, Pirdop, Sredetz, Hisarya, Krichim and Peshtera.

Under the other ongoing procedure for municipalities with weaker preparation there are six concluded contracts worth a total of BGN 229 million with Razlog, Chirpan, Aitos, Dryanovo, Radomir and Levski. In the evaluation phase there are another 15 project proposals for a total of BGN 463 million of Tutrakan, Dulovo, Razgrad, Burgas (Meden Rudnik District and Sarafovo District), Nova Zagora, Pazardzhik, Elhovo, Varna (Golden Sands District), Balchik (town and Albena resort), Ihtiman, Popovo, Elin Pelin and Smolyan.

The total investment value of the projects submitted under the two procedures is around BGN 1 billion. Implementation should take place by the end of 2014.