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Nov 2, 2012


Today Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and the Minister of Environment and Water Nona Karadzhova inaugurated ahead of schedule the first regional landfill for urban solid waste financed by Operational Programme “Environment 2007 – 2013”. The landfill in part of the regional system for waste management in Botevgrad and it’s worth MBGN 14.4. The ceremony was attended by representatives of the European Commission, Renaldo Mahdmets DG Regional and Urban Policy, Georges Kremlis DG Environment, Ivelina Vasileva – Deputy Minister of Environment and Water, Krasimir Zhivkov – Regional Governor of Sofia region, the mayors of Botevgrad, Etropole and Pravetz, deputies and others.

“With the opening of the new landfill, we solve a very big environmental problem on the three municipalities Botevgrad, Etropole and Pravetz. Once and for all it will stop the air pollution of Botevgrad” said the Mayor Georgiev. He expressed his personal thanks to the Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, the Minister of Environment and Water Nona Karadzhova and the representatives of the European Comission, for the provided financial assistance in solving the problem than the municipality was struggling with for 9 years.

“Three years ago the dump was smoking every day “recalled the Prime Minister.” When you see the mayors are working it is only normal for the government to try to help them more”said the Prime Minister Boyko Borisov. He expressed his hopes to get rid of the unregulated landfills, after the construction of the intended separation plant near the landfill, because “there is no need for this beautiful nature to be disfigured”.

Minister Nona Karadzhova congratulated the municipality for being the first one to complete the waste management project, as well with their initiative to build a separation plant through public-private partnership, which should be in exploitations in 2- 3 months. In her words the municipality will provide facilities for 30 years ahead and very soon will achieve the European waste targets, which Bulgaria should reach in 2020. The Minister gave to the mayor of Botevgrad, check with saving for 30 years 188 000 tons of carbon dioxide.

“First we recognize what it has been done and then we want”. In the last year and a half Botevgrad Municipality has won 12 European programs totaling MBGN 50. As to our tasks we not only want, but we strive to attract funds from outside” said the Mayor Georgiev in front of the Prime Minister and the Minister. To show his appreciation he gave two special characters to both guests from the European Commission Renaldo Mahdmets and Georges Kremlis. The mayor of Botevgrad assured the guests that “in the future when the municipality wins, European funded projects, we will always implement them”.

Regional system of waste management of Botevgrad is the first one of 23 to be built with EU funds. It will serve 56 000 people in Botevgrad, Pravetz and Etropole. Contractor of the facility is Sofia alliance “Infrastroy” with leading partner “Agrobuild” and partners “Energy Remont Stroy” and “Patstroy – 92”. By the middle of 2013 the other element of the system recycling center will be put will be put in operation.

The landfill’s area is 121 dca. It has two cells; one is ready to go with the full insulating package. Apply insulating cover on the bottom of the slopes of the cell. Will prevent landslide and will help easier to drain infiltrated water. There are facilities for the leachate, administrative buildings, purchased equipment and trucks that will operate the landfill. Filling the first cell is expected in 12 years, in the proper use of the compactor that shrinks the waste up to 3 times, is expected this period to be increase to 20 years.

With the construction of the new landfill, the three municipalities Botevgrad, Pravetz and Etropole can liquidate and clean small unregulated dump sites from their territories.