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Nov 7, 2012


Operational Programme “Environment 2007 – 2013” was approved in Brussels on November 7th 2007. The priorities of OPE are directed towards improving preservation and restoration of the natural environment and the development of environmental infrastructure.

Five years later the program has concluded contracts to provide grants in around 123% or nearly BBGN 4.320 of total program funding. Successfully completed are 116 projects and 225 projects are in implementation. Payments on the contracts have already amounted to MBGN 566, or over 16% of the total resources of the program. Placed in operation are 21 investment objects.

For those five years were implemented projects to improve water infrastructure in the country through the construction of sewerage and water supply networks and treatment plants for waste water. Also were completed construction activities for regional systems for waste management. In order to conserve biodiversity were made actions for conservation of protected areas, habitat restoration, establishment and effective management of the NATURA 2000 network.

For the period of the program approval until today we organized information days and campaigns to promote the program activity and green thinking, training for beneficiaries participated in voluntary initiatives. Five years we seek and find solutions for better life.

The whole team OPE would like to thank to all contributing to its realization and development - colleagues, partners and beneficiaries.

More details on the development of the program in these five years can be found HERE.