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Nov 12, 2012


Today, Natural Park Vitosha Directorate gave the first press conference of the project “Implementation of the priority activities of the Management Plan on Natural Park Vitosha – Phase 2”. The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the state budget of the Republic of Bulgaria through Operational Programme "Environment 2007 - 2013," and is worth MBGN 1,899,975.

At the event was presented the main activities and the experts, who will work on the project assignment. It is expected that the implementation activities will be completed in 2015.

The main purpose of the project is the conservation and restoration of the priority habitats in Park Vitosha, as well as habitats of species and their populations. Their chosen are among the most vulnerable and sensitive to human interference. Project activities are focused at preserving and exhibiting remarkable trees to protect the gene pool. It is envisaged the population recovery of bullhead (Cottus gobio ), which is considered disappeared from the park and mountain apollo as well as the completing the recovery program of the Balkan wild goat in the territory of Vitosha Nature Park. One goal of the project is to create a quiet zone for the large predators/ carnivores (bear and wolf) by focusing and concentrating on the tourist flow. Therefore it is scheduled to be restored and repaired six alley routes.

The project includes conservation activities of the caves sand cave fauna. The caving development in recent years has led to increased interest in caves in Bosneshki Karstov complex often accompanied with their destruction and pollution. This requires development of a program for protection measures.

It is envisaged that the development of specialized cadastral map and a specialized structure plan of infrastructure in Vitosha Nature Park, as well as preparation of water balance on its territory. In the management plan of NP Vitosha are recorded activities linked to determining the required recreation area outside the tourist centers. To identify these areas, it is necessary to be done a cadastral capture of all location in the tourist infrastructure. In order to increase awareness of the park visitors will be developed thematic routes and for this purpose will be prepared and held a training program.

The successful implementation of the planned activities will help in the development and establishment of protected area "Vitosha" as part of the European ecological network NATURA 2000.