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Nov 29, 2012


On November 28th 2012 in Sofia, it was held the thirteenth meeting of the Monitoring Committee of Operational Programme “Environment 2007 – 2013”. The meeting was led by Mrs. Ivelina Vasileva - Deputy Minister of Environment and Water and Monitoring Committee Chairman. The meeting was attended by representatives of the European Commission, Irina Vengele and George Spirou.

Mrs. Vasileva briefly presented the progress of the operational programme and highlighted the increased contracting levels in 2012. The amount of contracted funds reached BBGN 4, 55 or 129% of the disposable resources. Beneficiary’s payments were also accelerated in the past year, as of the moment their amount reached MBGN 580. Only in 2012 it is expected to be paid over MBGN 200. Mrs. Vasileva said that thanks to the efforts of the Managing Authority and the Intermediate Body of OPE, there won’t be any loss of the program resources this year.

Mr. Spirou welcomed the members of the Monitoring Committee, having drawn attention to the process of changing the operational programme and the programming for the next programme period.

The Members of the Monitoring Committee reviewed and approved the Indicative Annual Work Program for 2013. The program foresees two procedures in the first months of the year, and will be focused on providing technical assistance in “Water” sector for agglomeration between 2000 PE and 10 000 PE and the development of regional systems for waste management. Were presented and approved changes on the Strategic Plan for technical assistance under OPE, which include adding measures to strength the capacity of institutions, responsible for the implementation of environmental policy, change in the indicative plan for funds absorption of priority axis 4. The evaluation criteria of project proposals were submitted and approved developed in connection with additional measures to be financed under the operational programme.

During the meeting, was presented the work on the midterm evaluation of the OPE. Representatives of contractors introduced the MC members with the working approach for the program evaluation. Soon they are expected to submit a summary report of the midterm evaluation.

On the attendees were presented the winners of the best animated films with an environmental focus, included in the International Festival “Zlaten Kuker”.