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May 17, 2011


The Ministry of Environment and Water has started a national campaign Green Bulgaria, financed by Operational Programme "Environment". The aim of the campaign is to convey the message that we are part of nature and we should preserve and protect it, in order to live in harmony with it.

The campaign has three categories: the greenest business, the most active municipality-beneficiary under the operational programme and the greenest city. Every small or big company, municipality, city or district - everyone who has spared time for environmental protection - cleaning, planting, saving of paper, water or energy, opening of green jobs, preservation of valuable animal or plant species, may take part in the campaign and become a bearer of the badge of gratitude Green Bulgaria.

In case your organisation has carried out initiatives related to environmental protection you can send information on these initiatives in text, photos or video at: by June 1, 2011.

The best proposals will be assessed by an independent committee, consisting of well-known public figures. The prizes for business organisations will be awarded at a ceremony organised on the occasion of the World Environment Day.

Green Bulgaria will direct the attention of the people both towards the eco way of thinking and the results, achieved by Operational Programme "Environment". The programme provides funds for the construction of waste water treatment plants, sewerage networks, facilities for modern urban waste treatment and also contributes to the preservation of the wide biodiversity in the country. These investments boost the economic growth, create new jobs and provide ecological services of high quality, which enhances the quality of life of all Bulgarians.The implementation of the operational programme also contributes to the preservation of the green potential of the Bulgarian cities.

All these objectives can be achieved with active participation on part of OPE beneficiaries, the business, social-economic partners and the citizens. The campaign Green Bulgaria aims to unite these participants, in order to show that Bulgaria may keep its environment clean.

Criteria for awarding Green Bulgaria prizes to business companies
The main criteria for awarding Green Bulgaria prizes to business companies is that the company has of its own developed an eco concept and financd and implemented an initiative for protection of the environment.

Every small or big socially responsible company which has done something big or small, once or in long-term perspective, has spared time and means to care for the environment, may participate in the campaign.

The best proposals will be determined by an external independent committee, consisting of vivid public figures. The campaign encourages the following initiatives:
· presented by companies, whose core business is not connected to activities in the sphere of environmental protection;
· have been developed and implemented by the company with own financial resources and furthermore the company has spared time, resources and funds to care for the environment; .
· are distinguished by their usefulness and originality;
· illustrate long-term thinking and perspectives and in case they are one-off initiatives, they are carried out on a large scale.

The initiatives may concern the following areas:
· removing pollutions;
· improving various regions;
· promoting the restoration of forests and their biodiversity with the aim of improving the environment;
· preserving animal and plant species;
· using alternative sources of energy;
· reducing the quantities of generated waste, performing separate waste collection and recycling;
· replacing plastic bags by paper bags or easily degradable bags
· environmentally friendly management of hazardous chemical waste and substances during storage or work;
· producing products or promoting the development and distribution of technologies, sparing the environment;
· saving use of natural and other resources, promoting the saving of paper, water and electricity;
· continuous improvement of environmental protection by reducing pollution of the air, water and soil;
· the company is working under the green office programme;
· creating green jobs
· adopting an active approach towards the management of its facilities and prevention of ecological risks and preservation of natural resources;
· promoting all initiatives, aimed at reducing negative impacts and saving non-renewable resources;
· strict adherence to Bulgarian legislation, regulations and standards concerning the environment;
· initiatives aimed at involving the whole personnel of the company in the environmental protection policy and ensuring their acquinatnce with rules for eco friendly behavior at work;

· providing relevant trainings and enhancing the personal responsibility and commitment to environmental protection.