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Jun 10, 2011


Deputy-Minister of Environment and Water Ivelina Vasileva has met with protesting citizens from the villages of Hadzhidimitrovo and Drazhevo, Yambol. The citizens have submitted a petition, demanding the annulment of the complex building permit for a waste landfill on the territory of the two villages. They also insisted that a new project procedure should be launched and the culprits responsible for the violation of national and European procedures should be found. The citizens claim that the requirements for such facilities have not been complied with, that the landfill site is located on a water and highly seismic zone and there are irregularrities in the procedures, required for the construction of such waste landfills.

Deputy-Minister Vasileva assured the protesting citizens that all phases of the project implementation are being strictly monitored for compliance with governing legislation. The fact that a waste treatment infrastructure must be constructed does not mean that it is permissible to construct facilities, which do not comply with national and European ecological standards, the minister said. The meeting was also attended by Malina Krumova, Head of the Managing Authority of the Operational Programme Environment and Karsten Rasmusen and Valeri Natan from the Regional Policy Directorate of the European Commission.

The regional system for waste water treatment in the region of Yambol will serve the Municipalities of Yambol, Nova Zagora, Tundzha, Sliven and Straldzha with a population of nearly 300 thousand people. The construction of the system will be partly financed by Operational Programme Environment. The indicative value of the investment is BGN 33 million. Preliminary studies envisage the construction of waste landfill, facility for mechanical-biological treatment of waste and composting facility.