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Sep 2, 2013


Today was held the fifth meeting of the working group for preparation of the Operational programme “Environment 2014 – 2020” in order to present the second version of the program. Ms. Malina Krumova, as chairman of the working group, welcomed the members and presented the progress of the programming process. She noted that they have conducted a number of internal and interdepartmental meetings to achieve the demarcation between the different financial sources and refinement of activities included in the OPE.

Changes compared with the first draft version of OPE 2014 – 2020 sent to the European Commission for review on February 28th 2013, are to achieve the requirements of a new model for the development of operational programs from May this year, and also reflect the meantime, decisions on the extent of the program. With regard to the changes within priority axes 1 are added as beneficiaries’ water supply operators and the EMEPA, and drop out the monitoring of marine waters and marine environment.

New activities under priority axes 2 are linked to construction of a facility for hazardous waste treatment and reconstruction, renewal and completion for disposal of hospital waste, as well as management of obsolete pesticides. Under OPE next programming period will not be financed the closure and rehabilitation of landfills for non-hazardous waste, that do not meet the regulatory requirements. With a view to obtain the demarcation of the activities , after meetings with OP “Innovations and Competitiveness 2014-2020” /OPIC/ in MEE, it was decided to drop out the eco-innovations  from OPE and to be fully funded by OPIC.

Under priority axis 3 will used to finance activities set in the National Framework for priority action for NATURA 2000.

It was added new priority axes 4 “Support for environmental policy (POS) and Policy on Climate Change (ARC) in the application of the European structural and investment funds” - for all institutions, bodies and structures responsible for the formulation and implementation of POS and ARC.

At the meeting was presented progress and preliminary environmental assessment of the program. The second draft version of OPE 2014 - 2020, will be submitted to the European Commission after sending the Partnership Agreement.