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Sep 3, 2013


On an official ceremony at  Nisovo village was open conservation complex “Lomovete” which is part of the “Lomovete center for conservation of rock nesting birds”. The project is funded by Operational programme “Environment 2007 -2013” and it is worth MBGN 1, 136

The Nature Conservation center is built by Nature Park “ Rusenski Lom” and has two main functions – visitor center /halls for seminars and trainings/ and center for emergency assistance for those in distress with wildlife.

“That will not be an alternative to the center in Stara Zagora, but it will be of great benefit to the region” said Tsonka Hristova by the administration of the park.

Under the project of Nature Park “Ruisenski Lom” forthcoming is the construction of a training center with 40 seats, next to the center “Lomovete”. It should be ready by the end of August 2014. There will be held green schools, seminars, training events and more. Forthcoming is cleaning of Cherni Lom River from fallen trees and waste products, thus it can be used for the realization of the “With canoe in Loma”.