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Sep 5, 2013


“The town of Loznitsa is already with functional wastewater treatment plant. We are witnessing the realized projects, achieved goals and proven capabilities of one of the operational programs, which symbolize the solidarity of the European Union. Through Operational programme “Environment 2007 -2013” we support objects, which improve the environment” – highlighted the Minister of Environment and Water Ms. Iskra Mihaylova during the opening ceremony of the reconstructed wastewater treatment plant /WWTP/ in Lozenets town. The cost of the treatment plant is MBGN 2, 1. It is part of the water project of Loznitsa, which totaled MBGN 17 and is funded by Operational programme “Environment 2007 – 2013”.

Minister Mihaylova congratulated the team of the municipality and the Managing Authority of Operational programme “Environment 2007 – 2013” for the good work, for their efforts and willingness of successful implementation of the project. “With this project 100% of the population will be included in the sewerage network. Here you already have a complete and modern treatment of wastewater. Once again we are proving that with such projects we are creating new jobs. Loznitsa is an example of European integration of Bulgaria” noted Minister Mihaylova and for final she added “ we are manage to deal with the program because we work”

At the event the Mayor Mr. Ayhan Hashimov turned to the guests “Today is highly anticipated day for our community. The project is implemented in four years and we are pleasured that we have done the work”. He pointed out that the access to sanitation and wastewater treatment are some of the key elements in the environment and thanked all those who contributed to the successful implementation of the object.

With the rehabilitation of the treatment plant aims to optimize its performance by reducing infiltration into sewage system. It will prevent the direct discharge of untreated wastewater in the water basins in the region and reduce pollution of soil and groundwater. 4154 PE will benefit from the implementation of the entire project.