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Sep 17, 2013


“Today we start the largest infrastructure project in Yambol. The purpose of the water cycle is not only to end once and for all the problem with the lack of sanitation in the oldest neighborhood of Yambol Kargon, but also all wastewater of the city, including from the industrial zone to be treated at a the future treatment plant. With this we are concluding to a significant degree measures under renovation of water supply network of the city”. With these words the Mayor of Yambol Mr. George Slavov turned to the residents during the official ceremony of the symbolic first sod which marks the beginning the work on expansion and reconstruction of water supply and sewerage network in the town of Yambol.

The project is funded by Operational programme “Environment 2007 – 2013”. Its total amount is MBGN 93, 4

Within the project will be newly built over 25 km. urban sanitation, will be rehabilitated 2 kilometers, sewerage and 18 km. water supply networks. In parallel with this forthcoming is a construction of main collectors, who will remove the waste water from the industrial area and residential neighborhoods in future urban treatment plant effluent which has a capacity of 110,417 PE.

Implementation of the project will help to improve the living conditions of the population in Yambol, to preserve the natural surroundings, to increase the level of public works in the areas of intervention which will create a suitable business environment, increasing the competitiveness of the local economy.