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Sep 19, 2013


First sod for start of activities under the project “Completion of sewerage network and construction of wastewater treatment plant – Mezdra” was made by Mr. Spiridon Aleksandrov from the Managing Authority of Operational programme “Environment 2007 – 2013”, the Mayor of Mezdra Municipality Mr. Ivan Asparuhov and representatives from the contractor firm on construction and installation activities. The project is funded by Operational programme “Environmnet 2007 – 2013” and it is worth MBGN 20, 3

“This is the largest infrastructure project in Mezdra and it is the last segment, required for the existence of a modern city. After its completion from now on in Iskar River will enter only purified sewage of the city” announced Mayor Asparuhov. According to Mr. Spiridon Aleksandrov the project is one of the few in Bulgaria, starting without appeal against procedures for the selection of contractors, which is indicative for the excellent work of the project team. Mr. Aleksandrov stressed the fact that the municipality has taken the wise decision and has focused its attention to the problem areas of the sewer system. Thus will be used less resources, the amount of own contribution is minimal, which in turn will instruct the minimal budged. In conclusion he added that after a year everyone will be able to experience the benefits of a working, modern and contemporary facility.

Through the construction of WWTP aims to provide reliable technologically and environmentally sound wastewater treatment from households and industry in the target region.  The plant will provide mechanical and biological treatment of municipal, industrial and other wastewater. Completion and modernization of water infrastructure brings not only environmental and economic, but also social benefits.

Having a good water supply and sewerage infrastructure is a good starting point to attract investors, especially with regard to the development of tourism and industry. The project implementation will allow reducing the health hazard to people and would have a positive environmental impact on the environmental situation in the region as a whole.