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Oct 1, 2013


By first sod made for reconstruction and rebuilding of the sewerage network and reconstruction of the water supply network started the biggest project of Sliven Municipality. The project is funded by Operational programme “Environment 2007 – 2013” and is worth MBGN 63, 5. The event was attended by the Mayor of the city Engineer Nikola Milev, Mr. Spiridon Aleksandrov from the Managing Authority of OPE, District Governor – Cornelius Zhelyaskov, Eng. Rumen Stoilov – the project manager and others.

During the event, official guests presented the main objectives and the expected effects from the implementation of the European project. As a key outcome will be the improvement of water quality in the region. This, according to Mr. Milev, will be achieved through a number of activities for reconstruction of water supply and sewerage network in the city.

“Implementation of “Integrated water project of Sliven” will reduce environmental pollution by waste water” commented Mr. Milev. “Rehabilitation or restoration of water pipes will reduce losses in water distribution network and thus the loss of water. The water supply network will be replaced in some of the neighborhoods in the city, which will improve the water usage for over 30 000 residents of Sliven” added the Mayor.

Spiridon Aleksandrov congratulated the municipality for their efforts on project preparation. He wished to the performers a useful work and successful implementation of all works with minimum inconvenience for the residents.

“The project aims to build 10 km of new and rehabilitation of over 18 km of sewers, which will reduce the environmental pollution by waste water. We are expecting the water losses to decrease by 13%” said Eng. Rumen Stoilov.” I would like to thank to all of my colleagues who make daily efforts for the project implementation and to the Municipal Council for their support” added Eng. Stoilov.

Through implementation of integrated water cycle project of Sliven will improve the living environment as a result of expansion, reconstruction and rehabilitation of the sewerage network. Water supply will be improved for nearly 30 566 residents. It is expected the water losses to fall down from 70% to 20%. The project duration is 27 months and it is expected to finish on December 31st 2014.