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Nov 12, 2013


On November 12th 2013 in Sofia was held the fifteenth Monitoring Committee of Operational programme “Environment 2007 – 2013”. The meeting was led by Mr. Din Onbashi – Deputy Minister of Environment and Water and Chairman of the Monitoring Committee. On behalf of the European Commission in the meeting took part their representatives Mr. Renaldo Mendmets and Ms. Irina Vangele. A welcoming speech to MC members was made by the Minister of Environment and Water Ms. Iskra Mihaylova, which stated that the Operational programme “Environment 2007 – 2013” (OPE) is the most difficult one, of the seven operational programs. “It manages one of the most important financial resources in this planning period. This requires for us to be united in order to ensure the successful operation of this program.”

Mr. Mendmets greeted MC members and stressed that the programme is already progressing well and the results of joint work are visible.

A representative from the Managing Authority briefly presented the progress of the Operational programme, emphasized the increased rates of negotiation in 2013. The amount of the contracted funds is BBGN 5, 572 or 158, 23% of the total program funding. Payments on existing contracts are over MBGN 1, 327 or 37, 70% of the total resource. Merely in 2013 construction works have started on 44 projects, as 38 of them are for construction of water infrastructure and 6 are for construction of regional systems of waste management. Two Wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) were opened in Varshetz and Loznitsa. By the end of the year are expected to be put into operation four more WWTP’s – Tundja, Pirdop, Kozloduy and Yablanitsa. It is built a total of 232 km of network, of which 151 km sewerage and 81 km water supply. The joint population to sewerage network is 155 thousand people.

The members of the Monitoring Committee reviewed and approved the change in the criteria for the maximum amount of grant on the project of EMEPA for recultivation and closure municipal waste landfills in the country, which will allow an increase in its value. It was presented the progress on OPE preparation for the next programming period as well as progress on Sofia project for construction of an integrated system by treatment facilities for domestic waste.