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Jun 15, 2011


A working meeting was held at the invitation of the Minister of Environment and Water Nona Karadzhova in connection to the construction of a regional system for waste management in the region of Dobrich, financed by Operational Programme Environment. The meeting was attended by Deputy-Minister Ivelina Vasileva, the Head of the Operational Programme Malina Krumova, experts from the MOEW and representatives of nine municipalities, included in a regional association - Dobrich-town, Dobrichka, Tervel, Nikola Kozlevo, Krushari, Kavarna, Shabla, General Toshevo and Balchik.
The meeting was triggered by the refusal of Dobrichka Municipality to make a free transfer to Municipality of Dobrich town of real construction right in 217,000 square metres of land in the village of Stozher for the construction of the waste landfill. According to council members, such demand is inappropriate and is not in the interest of the citizens of Dobrichka Municipality.
The minister also noted that the European Union will no longer invest in waste management in Bulgaria during the subsequent programme period and therefore it is absolutely necessary that municipalities make efforts at present to find sensible solutions to the waste management on their territories by taking maximum advantage of the available financial resources. Associations have already been established in many places and with a few exceptions disputes on the allocation of responsibilities and tasks among association members have already been solved.
Minister Karadzhova also said that in compliance with European legislation requirements, the landfill disposal of waste was the last possible waste treatment solution once all other measures for reuse, recycling and recovery had been implemented. It is necessary to construct waste landfills, since even after treatment of waste there are waste quantities which are left for disposal. In order to promote the reduction of these waste quantities and meet the objectives set in the Waste Framework Directive, a waste disposal fee was introduced in 2010. According to the latest amendments to the Waste Management Act, which are to be submitted to the Parliament, municipalities complying with recycling targets may be exempted from this fee. Through the implementation of the project under Operational Programme Environment the nine municipalities in the region of Dobrich will have all prerequisites by 2020 not only to manage the regional waste in an environmentally friendly way, but also to reduce the expenditure of the population.

Therefore, Minister Karadzhova has urged the municipalities in the region of Dobrich to reach an agreement, since waste does not have colour, but the project should be implemented in the interest of the 200,000 citizens in the region.