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Jun 17, 2011


Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, Deputy Minister of Environment and Water Ivelina Vasileva and the Mayor of Troyan Minko Akimov opened the wastewater treatment plant of Troyan. The investment is worth nearly 8 MBGN co-funded by Operational Programme Environment and the municipality. The project funded also the construction of 1.3 km of sewerage pipelines.
"Municipal administrations should attach priority to European projects. We have fourteen projects for Troyan and a good mayor who knows how to manage the sizable resources flowing to the municipality", said Premier Borisov.
The treatment plant of Troyan is the first in Bulgaria using the German wastewater treatment biotechnology "Bioworks". The technology was tested in more than 750 treatment plants across the world and fully meets the European treatment requirements. The process of removal of the biogenic elements runs in a common basin with special water aeration. "Now the water coming out of the treatment plant is clearer even than that in the Osam River," pointed out Mayor Minko Akimov.
The process management is on a 24-hour basis and fully automated. The treatment plant not only covers the needs of the town of Troyan with 25 000 PE, it also has the capacity to treat the waste water of the villages of Oreshak and Cherni Osam.
The facility was reconstructed by Trace Engineering Grouping comprising Trace Group Hold, the German Bioworks, Hydrostroy - Troyan and Ideal Pipe EOOD - Tran.

Investment in modernization of the facility is worth 5 MBGN and the cost of treatment of 1 cubic meter of water is 5 stotinki, calculated Engineer Rusko Rusinov from Bioworks.