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Jul 1, 2011


The European Commission approved the first phase of Sofia's municipal waste management project, announced Director of DG Regional Policy of the European Commission Jean-Marie Seyler at the sixth NSRF Monitoring Committee meeting.

Deputy Minister Ivelina Vasileva took part in committee's proceedings. She pointed out that EC's positive decision was a result of the mobilization of all project actors - MOEW, Sofia Municipality and the European Investment Bank in cooperation with the EC - proving that good results are achieved with concerted efforts.

The first project phase is worth 135 MBGN, including 100 MBGN in contribution from OP Environment. They will be used to construct the non-hazardous waste landfill and two composting plants, as well as to improve the existing municipal waste separation facility in Suhodol. A pilot project for separate collection of waste in the neighbourhoods of Ovcha Kupel and Kremikovtsi will also be financed.
The second phase, designated for construction of the mechanic and biological treatment plant, is pending approval in the autumn of 2011. "The plant parameters depend on the ongoing feasibility study which aims to identify the optimal waste treatment option," says the EC decision. It further reads that if the feasibility study proves a need thereof, additional components could be added to the second project phase.

The estimated value of the whole waste management project of Stolichna Municipality is 360 MBGN, including 256 MBGN in contribution from Operational Programme Environment. This is the biggest project funded under the programme. Its implementation will provide the capital city with a modern, sustainable integrated waste management system satisfying all requirements.