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Jul 19, 2011


Deputy-Minister of Environment and Water Ivelina Vasileva and Mayor of Burgas Dimitar Nikolov held a groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of water supply and sewerage system in the Burgas district of Meden Rudnik. The project is worth BGN 16.3 million, provided by Operational Programme Environment and the Municipality. It will account for the construction of 2 km - long main sewerage collector with two channel-pumping stations, the rehabilitation of 14.5 km -long old asbestos cement water pipe network, the repair of pumping station for drinking water and the laying down of 11 km of new water supply and sewerage network.
"Once again Burgas has proven to be a leader in the absorption of EU funds. No doubt, this affects the general status of the citizens by stimulating the local economy and improving the life standard. I'm convinced that this will be another successfully completed project, which will be of great joy to all people, living here, particularly to young families", Deputy Minister Vasileva said.
Construction works should be completed by mid-2012, when over 8,000 citizens of the biggest residential district in South-Eastern Bulgaria will be connected to the water supply and sewerage system of the city.
This is the second major investment project of Burgas under Operational Programme Environment. In March, the sewerage system in Dolno Ezerovo District was launched into operation, while the municipality has also submitted four projects for evaluation to the MOEW worth a total of BGN 55 million. They are aimed at improving the water supply and sewerage infrastructure in the districts of Sarafovo, Gorno Ezerovo, Banevo, Vetren and Mineralni Bani and expanding the capacity of the waste water treatment plant in Meden Rudnik.
Another amount of BGN 41 million will be provided by the operational programme for construction of regional waste management system. "I hope we will be able to bring you some good news by the end of the month, when we complete the evaluation of this project", Ivelina Vasileva said.

Mayor Dimitar Nikolov expressed his thanks to the team of the MOEW for their efforts to maintain an active cooperation with the municipality. "Had we not launched this project today, we would have continued to receive protest signature collections from citizens on the grounds that we are not issuing Act 16 due to lack of water pipe and sewerage system. The waste waters of more than 50,000 subscribers would have continued to be discharged into unknown places and thus gradually reduced the attractiveness of Meden Rudnik. However, in 300 days from now, the district will face no problems with regard to water supply and sewerage systems", Nikolov said.