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Jul 27, 2011


The Minister of Environment and Water Nona Karadzhova and the Mayor of Sofia Yordanka Fandukova signed the contract for construction of integrated waste management system of the capital city. The project is worth a total of BGN 360 million, BGN 256 of which will be provided by Operational Porgramme Environment and the remaining amount - from Sofia Municipality.
"This project sets an example of successful waste management not only for the whole country, but also for the region. After its implementation, waste will be reduced by nearly 60%, enabling Sofia to fulfil its obligations under the new waste framework directive. I believe that our good partnership will continue and we will bring this significant project to the end", Minister Karadzhova said.
The European Commission has so far approved the first project phase with an eligible cost of BGN 135 million. It envisages the construction of a waste landfill and two composting facilities, as well as improving the existing facility for urban waste separation in Suhodol and implementing a pilot project for separate waste collection in the districts of Ovcha Kupel and Kremikovtzi. Sofia Municipality will also have BGN 19 million reimbursed, an amount invested in the construction of auxiliary infrastructure and land expropriation.
"The signing of this contract today marks the beginning of a sustainable solution to the problems with the urban waste of Sofia - an issue which was constantly on the agenda in the last years. It also shows that the team work has been successful, while the cooperation with the local authorities and the government is the guarantee to this success", Yordanka Fandukova said.
The second project phase is expected to receive approval this autumn and it foresees the construction of a mechanical-biological treatment plant. At present, studies are being conducted as to whether Toplofikacia, Sofia, will be able to use the RDF fuel produced in the plant.
"The additional financial benefits from the project for the people and businesses are the incentives, provided for a step-by-step recovery of biodegradable and recyclable waste. In other words, this means further savings for the citizens of Sofia", Minister Karadzhova said.

The construction of the integrated waste management system of Sofia Municipality is the biggest project financed under Operational Programme Environment. After its implementation at the end of 2014, the capital city will boast a modern, integrated system for sustainable urban waste management, which will comply with all requirements.