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BG161PO005/08/1.20/01/06 Development of river basin management plans

Date announced: November 26, 2008
Dead line for documents: January 26, 2009



The Ministry of Environment and Water opens a direct award procedure with a fixed deadline for application BG161PO005/08/1.20/01/06 Development of River Basin Management Plans under Operational Programme Environment 2007 - 2013.

Specific beneficiary:

  • Under §1, point 7 of the Supplemental provisions of Council of Ministers Decree 121/2007 (Promulgated SG No 45/08.06.2007, amended SG No 38/11.04.2008, amended SG No 61/08.07.2008, amended SG No 81/16.09.2008, amended SG No 95/04.11.2008), specific beneficiaries under the current procedure are basin directorates according to their functions under the Waters Act and under the Rules of Organization of the Basin Directorates (Promulgated SG No 10/ 29.01.2002).

The objective of procedure BG161PO005/08/1.20/01/06 Development of River Basin Management Plans is to complete successfully and within the deadline the process of preparation and adoption of the river basin management plans.

The financial support under the procedure will be provided by the European Union under the Cohesion Fund.
The projects will be implemented on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Indicative activities to be financed under the procedure:

  • Update of water consumption economic analysis;
  • Definition of quality standards on the chemical status of surface waters;
  • Water quantity impact assessment, including water use;
  • Development of a GIS relief model of the river beds of the main rivers and tributaries in Republic of Bulgaria;
  • Development of a national measures catalogue and measure programs on improvement, protection and maintenance of the water bodies condition in the Black Sea basin region and the Danube basin region;
  • Assessment of the hydro morphological condition, including the solid flow of surface water bodies;
  • Provision of information to the wide public related to the river basin management plans;
  • River basin management plans environmental assessment and SWOT analysis;
  • Definition of referent terms and a maximum ecological potential on the types of surface waters/rivers/lakes/ on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria;
  • Development of a classification system on assessment of the ecological status and the ecological potential on the defined types of surface waters/rivers and lakes on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria on the basis of typology under B system;
  • Definition of the environment objectives with regard to water bodies and water protection zones in East-Aegean and West-Aegean basin management regions and planning additional measures on their achievement;
  • Definition of underground water pollution thresholds, development of classification system on the chemical status of underground water bodies and measures to reverse tendencies on increasing polluters concentration;
  • Diffusion sources impact assessment;
  • Consultations with stakeholders on the development of the river basin management plans.

The project proposal may include one or several activities listed above in order to achieve the procedure objective.

The total amount of the grant to be allocated under BG161PO005/08/1.20/01/06 Development of River Basin Management Plans is 36 048 000 BGN.

The deadline for application is 10 January 2009, 5:00 p.m.

The project proposal should be submitted to the Ministry of Environment and Water, Cohesion Policy for Environment Directorate, Programme Management and Evaluation Department, 22 Maria Louisa Blvd., 1000 Sofia.

Following Order № RD 947/30.12.2008 of the Minister of Environment and Water the deadline for application has been prolonged until 26 January 2009.

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